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Return Analytics

To enable you doing analysis all around your returns, we've just recently added dedicated dimensions and measures to the new explore.

If you want to recap the latest changes of the explore, we recommend you to read through the documentation "Get to know the new Explore".


What is new?

We recently added 

  • a complete new section just for order items

  • all return related timestamps within the shipment section

  • all return related timestamps for the shipment lead time calculation

  • filters-only fields on top of the order item and shipment section 

Following we will deep dive one by one into each of these additions.

Order Items

This complete new section in the explore empowers you to analyse not just your returns, but also your orders in more detail. With different dimensions and measures you can deep dive into the return and order behaviour of your customers.

Looking at the dimensions you can now check for example, which order items are the most returned and what is the reason behind. 

If you want to know for example your order item return ratio, you just need to choose the respective measure.

Return Timestamps

Shipment Section

If you want to track the whole journey of your return parcel, you can use the following timestamps available in the shipment section.

  • Created Date*
  • Delivered to Dropoff Point Date
  • Return Pick Up Date
  • First Hub Scan Date*
  • First Delivery Attempt Date*
  • Returned To Warehouse Date
  • Delivery Date*
  • Refunded Date

Important! All timestamps marked with a star are shared with outbound shipments. If you want to have a look at one of these timestamps in order to just get the results for inbounds shipments, you need to filter on rather "Return (Yes/No)" or "Return Portal (Yes/No)". To make that navigation easier, we already added the so called 'filters-only fields' on top of the shipment section.

Shipment Lead Time Calculation

With adding all return related timestamps, it is also possible now to calculate any lead time belonging to the journey of your returns. You are able now to calculate e.g. the time between the drop-off of a return until it has been delivered to your warehouse or the time needed until the consumer gots a refund after the return has been delivered.

Important! Please remember to set filters accordingly in order to get the results ONLY for return shipments. 

Filters-only fields

As already mentioned before, we have added so called 'filters-only fields' on top of the order item and shipment section in order to make it easier and faster to do analysis on returns.

In the order item section you can find a filter for Returned (Yes/No) which helps you to differentiate between a returned and a not returned order item.

Within the shipment section the 'filters-only fields' "Return (Yes/No)" or "Return Portal (Yes/No)" help you to specify between the returns send via API and the ones created by the consumers themselves using our Seven Senders Return Portal.

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