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Working with the Shipment / Order List

This documentation on the two dashboards - shipment and order list - will teach you how to get the full potential out of both dashboards. They provide a good basis for various use cases. The customer service for example can easily search for a specific order/shipment, the customer requests information about. Or the operations team can download the data and import to some reports. In the following, the functionalities are described exemplary with the shipment list, but the order list offers identical funcationalities. 

General Remarks

The dashboard 'shipment list' consists of a single Look (visualization) to offer the filter functionalities of a dashboard on a Look. The list only show the first 30 rows which does not mean that only 30 shipments apply to the filter. In case you want to download or explore the data, you can always access the complete data. Further information are provided within the upcoming sections. If you prefer a longer list, the explore user can customize the list  and create a Look and/or dashboard. 

Filter Data

Per default the shipment list is filtered on all shipments that have been created in Seven Senders Portal in the last 30 days. Whereas the order list is filtered on the orders that have been created in your shop system in the last 30 days (not transferred to Seven Senders Portal). 

Other filters can be easily applied by opening the Filters section and select the needed filter.  

After selecting the filters, click Run in the right upper corner of the page and close the filter window. The filter section does not close automatically after clicking on run. 

If there is dimension missing in the pre-defined filters, you can add your own filters by exploring the data of the shipment list, modify the data and save it as a new dashboard. Detailed steps are described here

Download Data 

After applying a certain set of filters, you can download the data. Here it is important to not download the dashboard as a pdf or csv. This would not be valuable as it is only a 'picture' of the list or the first 30 row visible on the dashboard. To access the complete data (>30 rows), you need to download the data of the Look itself. You can do that by clicking on the dots in the right corner of the list. 

Here, click Download Data. Then a window pops-up that requests the preferred download settings. It is important to select All Results as a Limit to not only get the first 30 rows, but the complete data. 

After selecting the preferred File Format, Limit etc. you can click Download. To read more about the different Download settings, read here

You then get the list (in a selected file format) of the data, the selected filter applies to. 

Explore Data

In case you want to modify the existing list, for example add some columns or filters, you can easily built your own list and save it as a dashboard or look. Please note: Only Explore User can modify the list and built new Looks and dashboards. 

To customize the list, click again on the three dots in the right upper corner of the list and select Explore From Here. 

You will be forwarded to the explore data section with the settings of the list. 

The default FILTERS of the dashboard are also applied here as well as the table format as VISUALIZATION form. If you want to modify the list, the DATA section is most relevant. 

In case you want to add a column simply select the dimension/measure in the left side bar menu and re-arrange the column in the list via drag and drop. To delete a column, hover in the right upper corner of the title of the affected column, click on the gear and select Remove

Same for filters, to add a filter select the dimension/measure, select the one in the left side bar menu and click on the Filter field. 

To delete the filter, there are two different ways: 

  1. Click again on the Filter field marked in purple to deselect it. 
  2. Open the FILTERS section and click on the cross next to the filter field. 

After you modified the list to your needs, you can now save it either as a Look or as a Look on a Dashboard by clicking on the gear in the right upper corner. 

When saving it as a Look, the selected filter set will be applied. The user can view the list, but does not see or change the filters applied on the Look. A saved Looks does not have a filter section as a dashboards has. To change the filters of the saved Look, you have to Edit the Look or Explore from here, make the changes and save as a new Look. 

In case, other users or you want to apply different filter sets constantly, you have to save it as a Look on a Dashboard and set-up the filters on the dashboard level. For that first remove all the filters of the Look (here the shipment list). Later the Filters of the Dashboard level shall be applied and there should not be in conflict (e.g.: Save a look with a filter on the past 30 days. Add this Look to a Dashboard and use the dashboard filter applying the past 15 days. Then the dashboard filter and filter of the Look are in conflict). After making sure that no filter is applied on the Look level, click on Save to Dashboard and select an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard on which the Look shall be saved. 

In the last step, the filters that shall be applied here, need to be added on the dashboard level, read here to get the step by step description how to add filters to a created Dashboard. 

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